Expand your sights and discover new and uncommon ways to enjoy your favorite teas. From classic tea lattes to innovative twists on iconic cocktails, our collection of recipes has something for every tea lover.

A lovely marriage of sophisticated, smoky black teas and delicate French lavender from Provence with a kiss of vanilla. This latte charms with notes of crème brûlée and will leave you dreaming of lavender fields forever. 
Slightly floral, slightly smokey and wholly delectable. Using ground Black Lavender in the base of these petite bundt cakes results in a welcome depth and complexity to this traditional European cake.
Move over pumpkin spice and make room for Black Lavender Fog. Breathe deeply and you'll be whisked away to the enchanting lavender fields of Provence. 
This English breakfast latte is made with our spoon-bending British Brunch tea blend, lightly sweetened and topped with fresh lemon zest and a dusting of cocoa powder.