Best of the Northwest Trio


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    Plant Based Sachet
    Zero Microplastics
    Gluten Free

Portland Breakfast No. 1851: Big, strong and assertive, with notes of malt, leather, spice, and a touch of peat. Not quite as astringent as other breakfast teas. Just rich, dark and perfect for a rainy Portland morning.

Rose City Genmaicha No. 1912: A delicious Oregon twist on Japanese Genmaicha. Combines the light, nutty flavor of roasted rice with a grassy green tea character and rose petal finish—all softened by a kiss of sweet manuka honey.

Peppermint Leaves No. 45: It's no secret that the world's best peppermint comes from the Pacific Northwest. Gently hand-screened for perfect leaf size, it infuses a full, creamy flavor with distinct chocolate notes and an intense finish. A great after dinner treat or midday breath freshener. Caffeine free.


  • 1 Carton [15 Sachets] Portland Breakfast Organic Black Tea 
  • 1 Carton [15 Sachets] Rose City Genmaicha Green Tea 
  • 1 Carton [15 Sachets] Peppermint Leaves Herbal Infusion