Cangyuan 7801 Shou (Ripe) Pu-erh Cake


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Based on a recipe created in 1978 by the Kunming Tea Factory, this cake is made with leaf material harvested and fermented from Cangyuan county in Lincang. Robust and full bodied with notes of toffee, portobello and camphor, it is ready to drink today or anytime well into the future.

Harvested spring 2022.

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Tasting Notes:Toffee, portobello, camphor

Bring spring or filtered water to approximately 212°F. Dislodge a 7g piece of pu-erh (approximately the size of a silver dollar). Steep in traditional gaiwan method—making multiple infusions, starting at 10-15 seconds and increase 5-10 seconds with each steeping. Further reading.

Storage: Unlike most tea, pu-erh improves with age and may be enjoyed for years. For best results, we recommend storing in a cool, dry place that is temperature controlled. Do not place near other aromatic ingredients such as coffee.