Expand your sights and discover new and uncommon ways to enjoy your favorite teas. From classic tea lattes to innovative twists on iconic cocktails, our collection of recipes has something for every tea lover.

Crafted by baker Karlee Flores, this almond flour tea cake showcases the versatility of our chamomile-based herbal infusion, Meadow. 
Spice up your Easter brunch this Sunday. Fluffy, fragrant and of course with a Smith twist. Enjoy this deliciously spiced, tea-infused classic Easter recipe: Hot Cross Buns. The perfect addition to this year’s Easter brunch.
When it comes to cookies, the classic snickerdoodle is hard to beat. Soft and buttery with a simple cinnamon sugar...
What do you do when you have a teamaker with a diverse culinary background? Give her all the tea her heart desires, sit back and wait to be wonderstruck by what her creativity conjures. Try these simple yet decadent matcha inspired bites. 
An exquisite treat with a Smith twist developed by our loyal customer, Cocoa Crista, who graciously shared her uncommon bonbon recipe. These silky tea-infused chocolate confections are truly blissful and will charm your taste buds.
Our signature holiday tea, Ho-Ho-Hoji-Chai, gets an Italian makeover with this tiramisu recipe by Olive & Artisan's Karlee Flores. You won't miss the coffee. Trust us. 
Our most popular black tea blend, Lord Bergamot gets a distinguished summer makeover in this fudgesicle recipe created by Karlee Flores of Olive and Artisan
Also known as the Peachy Green Matcha Smoothie, this Smith Teamaker original recipe was initially envisioned as a vegan indulgence...
In addition to delicious lattes, finely ground Matcha is also a wonderfully unexpected ingredient for making creamy milkshakes. While the...
Matcha is for more than sipping. Our friend Heather of Brown Butter Blondie developed this satisfying Matcha Bundt Cake recipe using our brand-new house matcha.
Our aromatic Masala Chai black tea blend stands up to rich meats such as pork belly and makes for an excellent spiced tea rub.
Developed by Portland Monthly Chef of the Year Karl Holl our Big Hibiscus tea blend is the star of this sweet and tangy granola.